When you book me to capture your memories, you get more than just an award winning photographer, you get a team with the perfect balance of personality and professionalism to lead and capture every moment from your wedding day perfectly. We give you complete peace of mind that all is being taken care of. I am passionate about creating unique art for each couple, and beautifully and elegantly telling your story.

A Little Bit About Me

The little town of Fredericksburg, VA is where I call home. I am a lover of chocolate chip cookie dough, white chocolate mocha's and everything the color blush. I have two little princesses named Laila Chanel, and Jordyn Gizelle. They, along with my Yorkie pup, Blush, are my entire world.

Most days you can find me snuggling with Blush (usually on my lap as I edit), going to lunch with my girlfriends, or traveling! I love trying mom and pop restaurants, and  new things in new cities!

The Harris Family

An all girl squad filled to the brim with snuggles, kisses, and laughter.


Laila Chanel (on the left) is my first baby girl, and is the absolute sweetest friend I could ever ask for. She is loving, friendly, and the best big sister.



Blush (named after my favorite color of course) is my little yorkie cuddlebug. I take her everywhere I go that I can get away with. She loves tummy rubs, long naps, and bacon flavored treats.


Jordyn Gizelle (on the left) is my little firecracker. She is bossy, and thinks she is the boss of the house. Although she can be a little sour patch, after the sour always comes the sweet.