It's OK For Us Not to Have Superpowers | Personal Post | M Harris Studios

I started this post with these beautifully styled home photos because that is something I, and many other photographers and creatives post on our social media feeds. It's what is pleasing to our eyes and it's what we strive to achieve at all times in our homes because that's what we see in our favorite photographer's feeds.

I call bullshit.

I decided to make this post because of the recent phone conversations I have had with a few of my best tog friends Kerry and Stephanie. We are all three pulling our hair out and feeling like failures because we can't keep up with household chores and run a business singlehandedly.

Know that you are not alone. We are all here shooting, editing, blogging, marketing, responding to emails, etc, all while we are also supposed to be doing laundry, dishes, preparing dinner, school lunches and snacks, and spending time with our significant others and children.

How do we do it all you ask? We DON'T! Things get pushed to the side and others have to take priority. Some nights I grab glasses of wine and spend time with my hubby. Other nights I grab glasses of wine and do dishes and laundry. Then there are nights where I pop popcorn and watch a movie with my kids while sitting right beside baskets of laundry and my editing getting more behind by the moment.

If you were looking for 5 tips on staying balanced - you picked the wrong blog ;) This was just to take a moment to be real and let you know it's ok that you don't have super powers. Do your best and that's all your family will ask of you.



p.s. this is an iphone photo my actual laundry I have sitting right behind me as I wrote this post ;)

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