The Rivera Family

I absolutely love the story of how I met the Rivera family because it is a prime example of my belief that everything happens for a reason.

I was watching a Creative Live course by Sal Cincotta  who was teaching all about vendor relationships. In the course he taught that it is imperative to have connections with other vendors in the industry that share your level of customer service. I strive to make genuine connections with each and every one of my clients and I heard the same about Ava Laurenne Bride. I knew I had to get connected with them in some way. I immediately jumped up from my office desk and drove to downtown Fredericksburg. I walked into Ava Laurenne bride and was immediately approached by Ashley, the manager, who was super sweet to me but was busy helping a bride. I figured that it just wasn't the right time and ventured down the hall to see what else was in the building. I walked right into Bella Giornata Events & Design and met Christina. She welcomed me into her office, sat me down and asked me about myself. She looked up my work and was impressed! She then explained the Cast and Crew group that she and Ava Laurenne were forming and told me she would submit what I had shown her to the owners and get back with me. 

Two days later Christina called me and offered me a spot on the Cast and Crew. I was over the MOON excited! Not only did I reach my goal of getting connected with wedding professionals...but I did it on my first try! I was immediately put in a group with hair and makeup artists, Djs, Florists, Cake designers - you name it - I was connected with them! I couldn't believe it, and was so excited to meet the family who made this possible for me.

Once I was official, I went to Ava Laurenne on a Saturday to meet the owners and speak to brides.. When I met Wendy, I was immediately welcomed by her warm smile. When she smiles, the entire room lights up! She is one of the sweetest and most genuinely caring women I have ever met. From that day on, her and her sweet family have welcomed me with open arms, helped elevate my business to a new level, coached me through my downfalls, and celebrated my successes. I will forever be grateful for what they have done in my life, and I was so honored to capture their first family photos taken in 5 years! I will make it my mission to make sure they never have that much time in between family photos again! Here are some from their session :)

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