Inn at the Olde Silk Mill Wedding | Ashley + Keith | Fredericksburg Wedding Photographer

When Keith approached me over a year ago to shoot his wedding I was still full time at GEICO. I had JUST started shooting and his wedding was supposed to be my fourth; however, due to a lot of unexpected life events, they had to post pone their wedding 9 months. Since then I've done over 30 weddings, quit GEICO and instead of my cubicle to look over their photos, I now had a complete outside office for them to come to, and an album design for them to add on. Ashley + Keith have no idea how much I appreciate them believing in me in the beginning of my career :)

In case you didn't know, they have been together FOREVER! (aka 7 years) High school sweethearts! They never fight, and when they do it's with emoji's (How freakin cute can you get!?) They are both extremely kind and get silly at a moments notice. Here is a glimpse of their special day at the Inn at the Olde Silk Mill!

Dress: Ava Laurenne Bride

Flowers: Fifi Flowers LLC

HMU: Bobbypins & blush

Ash Keith 1.jpg
Ash Keith 14.jpg
Ash Keith 15.jpg