I didn't cry until...


It was hard for me to write this so I waited a few days to do it. I've been through a lot over the past few months and not once did I cry. Once I got through the storms... the sunshine and rainbows that followed have been worth every bit of it. I've never been happier and my blessings continue to flow.

With the many wonderful changes in my life, the girls and I will be moving to a new home I will be very proud to call mine in May. Unfortunately, we will be unable to take our dog Roxie. I began looking for the best home for her and with the help of my neighbor I found the perfect one. I was extremely excited because she would have tons of land to run around in and a new rottie companion just like her. I knew this was the best choice and since I explained to them that Roxie would be SO much happier there than cooped up in our townhouse, the girls understood. 

I had all of her favorite toys packed (some I bought her and some stuffed animals she stole from the girls lol) and all of her belongings. I took some photos of her and even let her get on my bed for some since that was always a forbidden spot in the house. I was physically prepared. Emotionally I wasn't.  As I put her in the truck and he promised to take good care of her and let me know if/when she has puppies I broke down. I cried like a baby for at least 20 mins after she left. 

Roxie was my baby, my cuddle buddy, and loyal friend. I will love her forever <3

*Cue the tears again*